Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Traffic Dynamics

Three years ago I established a start-up company in order to build an intelligent transportation system for Istanbul. I had two partners. They were friends from my university (Bosphorus University). We had a good time. We made several meetings with the municipal authorities. Our plan was firstly to build a prototype of the simulation software. Then we would be able to obtain some funding from the municipality and other state organizations. Then we would build the actual software.

Unfortunately we couldn't build a good enough prototype at that time. There was some nice features of our software but we were not satisfied. So then we broke up and ceased the activity after a few months.

Then I decided to learn software development deeper and maybe after one year I would be able to reactivate the company. But when I entered into the business of software development world, I saw that it never ends. Everyday I have to learn new things. Actually I enjoy this. It motivates me and excites me. But nevertheless I still have my determination to reestablish my company. I believe God, He will let me achieve this one day :)

Have a nice day...

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