Thursday, June 23, 2005

Requirements Confusion

I am a software developer. In my projects I usually get into confusion when starting a new project. Every participant of the project has a different idea of the actual requirements. Reaching a real agreement is difficult. It is easy to cover indeterminate or non-agreed issues. But this won't be true.

I believe that we engineers should be more competent in negotiation, politics and art of speaking. Making people work harmoniously is much more difficult than producing a software.


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Seth Godin's Blog

This is the most famous non-programmer I have seen in the blogging world: Seth Godin. He is the writer of "The Purple Cow" and "Permission Based Marketing". Actually I haven't read none of them :) But I have read Arman Kirim's books. He is a very good Turkish business author. I learned Seth Godin from his books. Arman Kirim has a very good understanding of differentiation, how to achieve it.

I would recommend you to read his books. But they are only available in Turkish, as much as I know.


Being a more productive blogger

Keith continues on being a more productive blogger. He has good advice:

- Writing in a story manner. It is more flowing and keeps the reader's concentration high.

- Learn from blogging. The comments and responses to your blog usually gives nice hints about the topic.

- Use your blog as knowledge management tool. This was the most important reason for me to dive into blogging world. Before I was googling around for some problems. Now I usually collect problems and solutions through other people's blogs. I hope my blog will be useful to other people as well.

I have one addition:

- Blogging might be used as a corporate knowledge management/sharing tool.

Let's say, someone (call Martin) has dealed with some problem. After a few months another person (call Matt) is assigned a similar problem. Matt enters the intranet weblog of the corporate and makes a search about the problem. He finds out that Martin has dealed with this problem before.


Traffic Dynamics

Three years ago I established a start-up company in order to build an intelligent transportation system for Istanbul. I had two partners. They were friends from my university (Bosphorus University). We had a good time. We made several meetings with the municipal authorities. Our plan was firstly to build a prototype of the simulation software. Then we would be able to obtain some funding from the municipality and other state organizations. Then we would build the actual software.

Unfortunately we couldn't build a good enough prototype at that time. There was some nice features of our software but we were not satisfied. So then we broke up and ceased the activity after a few months.

Then I decided to learn software development deeper and maybe after one year I would be able to reactivate the company. But when I entered into the business of software development world, I saw that it never ends. Everyday I have to learn new things. Actually I enjoy this. It motivates me and excites me. But nevertheless I still have my determination to reestablish my company. I believe God, He will let me achieve this one day :)

Have a nice day...


Post classification system

Now I am developing a software that should classify several posts according to some rules. It is an interesting problem. But the physical post classification system has not been defined yet. I wonder whether you know some references on such a system?

The system should send all the envelopes belonging to the same family all together. But the envelopes don't flow by family. They come randomly. The software should say to the classifier which box to put the envelope. If the envelopes belonging to the whole family are not collected then the system won't allow to send any of the member's envelopes.

Maybe we should specify the rules in another way.


Monday, June 20, 2005

Second try

This is my second try for bloggint through sending an email...


Trying blogging by email

I posted this blog from my email account. If you read this, blogging through email works... Let's see... :)


What is trackback?

Did you notice the Trackback link at the bottom of lots of blogs? It is another remarkable feature of blogging. What it does is here:

Suppose that you discovered a nice post on my blog. You decided to write something on this. You wrote your posting on your own blog. And then you wanted me to know that you blogged on my post. To do this, you should send a trackback to my blog. The trackback includes your name and post's link.

After that, your post's link will be seen at the end of my post. So anyone who read my post will be able to jump to your blog, if he wishes.

Now it is time to explain, how to send a trackback. There is a very nice how-to faq on haloscan: It is easy once you understand it...


Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.


Presentations: Not as effective as you might think

Powerpoint has made a big impact on meetings, conferences and even on lectures. Everyday more people use it to communicate their ideas. Even worse, people get better at using it, and make more powerful presentations. But there is a big problem: It is boring to watch a "feature rich" presentation. The diagrams and bullets usually don't make sense for the audience. They look smart but the communication is not as powerful as simple old plain talks...

Kathy Sierra has good advices on this issue: Check it out. It is useful.

Have nice "talk rich" presentations...


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Effective Blogging

Keith Robinson writes about how to effectively blog. It has nice tips like:

- Write reqularly, create some time each day to writing.
- Keep an idea journal. Use time when you are on your high.


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

My self Posted by Hello


Ever tried Opera?

Nowadays, Firefox is very popular. I used and liked it. It is much better than IE. But there is another alternative which is a really very usable and fast browser: Opera. It has all the features that Firefox has and plus:

- A very nice RSS reader
- One click RSS subscription feature
- One click image hide, block popups and similar features

And lots more... It is very difficult to use another browser after having accustomed to the usability of Opera.


Sunday, June 12, 2005

My email address

I don't know how to show my email address in the most secure and convenient way. I didn't want it to be available in my profile, because web crawlers can obtain it and send me much more spams than I already receive.

I write here my email address, for anybody trying to obtain my contact info: mert.nuhoglu at isnet dot net dot tr.

I think that anonymous navigation is main root of all the crime and spam happening through internet. Why do we not show our real identities in internet? Are we scared of something?


Hello to world and hopes

Hi everybody,

This is my second weblog in My first blog didn't work. I made entries, but they never appeared in my site. I hope this one will succeed...