Thursday, August 04, 2005

Architecture - Objects - Layering etc.

Architecture solves lots of problems. Sometimes I have to spend lots of time on debugging when I add new features to a software. But there are times that I write code without interruption of bugs. This is due to architecture. Architecture solves lots of problems implicitly saving us from debugging the bugs.

One big problem is bad layering. UI, data access, business logic, security and other functionalities are all in one module (I use module in the sense of a whole unit. It may be a function, class or package.) Then lots of problems arise due to mismanagement of data or objects.

A big issue that I encounter for the last few days is the coordination of objects' references. There is a huge network of objects. But some of the objects are rotten, that is they are not up to date with the database. But they are referenced by the UI or business layer.

I will continue as always :) A friend has arrived...

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